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Mystery shopping and quality assurance by industry professionals.


As a business consulting company we offer a range of services to ensure an extraordinary guest experience in the luxury hospitality industry. Our packages are always bespoke and tailored to your specific needs. Our team consists of industry professionals with work experience in the best hotels, restaurants and bars around the globe, thus providing sharp, relevant and insightful feedback on your establishment’s performance.

We believe in service excellence. We believe in core values like integrity, courtesy and culture. We believe in the art of making every guests’ stay exceptional. We are passionate about hospitality and will do everything in our hands to contribute to the highest level of service culture in the industry.

Why choose us?

Our strategic quality assurance services comprise mystery shopping, market research, competitive analyses, core standard creation and staff development. Every one of our services is designed to exceed your expectations and provide the utmost value to your company.

As a whole, our services contribute to a holistic company culture. Our mission is to provide you with astonishingly specific data and knowledge, so that you may decide on impactful changes based on the most reliable source of information.

We pride ourselves in offering the best quality assurance services in the industry – to an extent that surprises our clients every time.


We serve the luxury hospitality industry.

Mystery shopping
& quality assurance

Mystery shopping is our core service. Our mystery shopping agents are assigned to conduct detailed evaluations of your establishment and identify the very points that make a guest experience remarkable. We evaluate every single element that surrounds a typical guest experience – from the ambiance of the lobby to the courteousness of your staff.

At the end of a mystery shopping evaluation we provide you with intelligent insights in your daily operation in form of a comprehensive report.

Market research
& competitive analyses

Market research is a valuable tool to gain an overview of your industry. Whether you are looking to determine the success of a new product, or your competitor’s position compared to your own we offer market research services that will provide you with the precise answers you are looking for.

Our sophisticated research methodology has proven to determine vital market metrics, such as the position of your product, the quality level of your service and your price point compared to your competitors.

Core standard creation
& staff development

People are the most important asset to every company. To bring the best out in them we work with you to create core service standards that will delight staff and guests alike. By creating a solid company culture and core service standards you are taking an important step toward quality assurance and standardization – so that every guest may experience the same exceptional treatment.

With more than a decade of expertise in the hospitality industry we assist you in creating a service culture and a staff training program of a remarkable standard. 




The world's most prestigious companies trust us.





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